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August 3, 2008 - Lake Isabella
Oh my, the yummies !!!


Phyllis and Carl Kirkbride arrive with CLASS !!

The columnist comments.  Go, 'Sis'.  [Eleanor Bowman]


Gloria Wolfe and Sondra Northrop could see each others houses.

Back Left: Terry Dunn, Janet Bland, Sondra Northrop
Back Right: Gloria Wolfe, Linda Starrett, Secretary Candice Hoover
Middle: Kay Denbow, Erin Allbritain

Sondra, Linda, Cheryl, Erin, Janet

Sondra, Linda, Kay, Phyllis
Erin, Janet, Cheryl, Sis

Grandmas Janet and Kay are real SWINGERS.

"Gloria, they're clean enough for potluck."
Terry Dunn, Gloria Wolfe

Back Row:
Ricky Shinn
Robert Fox
David Smith
John Bogard
Mike Abele
Don Prim
Bruce Reavley
Front Row:
Wallace Berry
Tim Starrett
Terry Dunn

Back Row (Left):br /> Gloria (Trescott) Bird
Gloria (Parks) Wolfe
Linda (Menhorn) Starret
Barbara (Barnett) Alexander
Linda (Green) Prim
ErErin (Cavanaugh) Allbritain
Back Row (Right):r /> Mary (Stinger) Young
Janet (Kuhn) Bland
Phyllis (Fox) Kirkbride
Sondra (Staley) Northrop
Kimberly (Greiner) McLean
FaFaye (Jones) Curtis
Front Row:r /> ------
Kay (Brock) Denbow
Cheryl (Roberts) Bragg
Candice (Bailey) Hoover
Eleanor "Sis" (Anderson) Bowman

Oh my, now I have to get the names right.
Thanks to Sandee Jackson-Goins, Gloria Wolfe, Kay Denbow, Phyllis Kirkbride and Terry Dunn for help.

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