ZHS '65

Zanesville, Ohio
The Y-Bridge City

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The First Tuesday Breakfast Bunch
(ya'll should come join us)

Each month, on the First Tuesday, we gather together at 9:00 AM at the Cracker Barrel.
This is an excellant occassion for "catching up" on the doings of our class mates.
We also manage to eat breakfast while the conversations continue.

These pictures were taken on Tuesday, February 4, 2014 with 17 members and 4 guests.
Dave Lyons arrived a bit late (he has an earlier breakfast with retirees from Nestle).

The Blabbermouth (by year) lists the number of attendees

John Bogard, Mike Abele, Bruce Reavley, Eleanor "Sis" (Anderson) Bowman mocks the camera
Linda (Allen) Hughes, Terri (Brock) Carpenter, Elizabeth "Liddy" Kirkbride, Susan (Tom) Phipps
Dave Wills, Mrs. Elizabeth Burrier (Guest), Cheryl (Roberts) Bragg, Terry Dunn  (the central four)
Linda (Menhorn) Starrett, Larry Denbow (guest), Mrs David Wills (guest), David Wills
Kay (Brock) Denbow and Tim Starrett
Linda (Menhorn) Starrett tries on Larry Denbow's hat

Mike Johnson and Shirley (visiting from Chicago, IL) 
 It's a bit fuzzy, but there is Richard "Dick" Watiker.

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